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 1.     Chartering entity identifies an ATO and provides details of passengers, destination and manifest.

2.   ATO contacts State Government directly; shares a copy of the proposal and passenger manifest with State Government (destination State) and the Indian Mission/Post at source country;

3.     States check internally for quarantine availability etc.

4.     In parallel, Indian Missions/Posts verify the passenger list and upload to the MEA repatriation portal.

5.      With State’s written clearance for the flight and Mission/Post’s no-objection on the manifest, ATO contacts DGCA for flight clearance.

6.     Where needed, Indian ATOs ask Indian Missions/Posts for help getting foreign Government clearances, based on State’s written approval.

7.      Prior to the actual departure of the flight, ATO sends the Indian Mission/Post, and State Governments the final manifest.

Note: Chartered flights to India are being organized by various operators to repatriate stranded Indians. Consulate does not take any responsibility for loss, if any, suffered by any individual from such efforts.